Monday, June 17, 2013

Empty Verses

Words rendered empty
Mumblings gurgling out
Voice, just an echo
A faint murmur
Can’t say, a sigh or gasp?
Vacant thoughts
Edging closer to numbness
Defeated silence
Crouching with diffidence
In the farthest corner,
Of the darkened chamber.
Spewing nothing.
Arrested gapes  
Swallowing the vacuum
Eating up the hollows
Voids filling up cavities,
Of begotten memories
And dried up passions.
Eroding with mercy
Wearing out with an ease
That reeks of gutting melancholy
Au revoir to the agony
For one is bid for other to beckon,
Asking hollows to vacate
And hollows to fill
The barren insides
Of the masquerade

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